Runner’s incontinence: It’s a thing

Danny: So what’s going on with you?

Client: I did my first 5K run! I walked and ran. And I realize…it’s so embarrassing…I have some incontinence issues…

Danny: Are you serious?!

Client: Yeah it’s sad.

DannyThat happens you know.

Client: Does it?

Danny: It happens to a lot of runners. You are literally beating your bladder while you’re running.

Client: Oh. Ok. So I don’t I don’t have to feel so bad!

I notice when I laugh or cough I have some issues…but then running is even worse! I went twice before the race. And once I actually started running, I felt like I had to pee even more! And I was like: “What the hell!?” I actually stopped myself from running as much because I was afraid I was going to pee myself.

It was horrifying! I was disappointed because I wanted to run but I couldn’t. I didn’t want to end up all wet and embarrassed. That’s not cool.

Danny: It happens.

Client: But then how am I going to deal with that?

Danny: You have to start doing kegel exercises.

Client: Agghh…Do they actually work? That is the question.

Danny: No, they really do.

Client: Ok…But in the meantime, what do other people do? Do they use those panty liner things?

Danny: Yeah, that’s pretty much it. Just protect around it until it gets better.

Client: So I guess I will have to get some protection in the meantime and, sigh, do some kegel exercises.

We finished just under an hour. It is supposed to take an hour just walking so I thought I should have finished sooner than that.

Danny: No, that was pretty good!

Client: Really? Ok!

My sister is doing another 5K soon. I told her I think I’ll do that one with her. I actually enjoy it.

Danny: You’re getting active!

Client: Yeah maybe…Just a little. Haha.



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