Are you sabotaging your fitness goals?

Let’s talk about why we really don’t lose weight and get fit. Like for real.

We get on a program then fall off. We pay lots of money, get some great results and fall back into old patterns.


Let’s find out! We’ll break it down while listening in on a coaching conversation with an Empower coaching client

Sabotage #1:

When I get overwhelmed my fitness routine and eating fall apart and I start overeating.

Client: When I’m not sure how money’s coming in, I can get very overwhelmed. Or when things are going really good, I start taking on too much. People come to me with all these opportunities. Overwhelmed bad and stressed out or overwhelmed good, like I’m on a high, and then I overcommit. I’m not always good at weighing my priorities before I say yes to too much.

Daniel Martinez-Hixson: In a situation like that, what are some of the red flags? When do you know you are taking too much on?

 C: I start to feel panic in my brain, especially when I have made too many commitments. I feel myself shutting down and not being able to handle things.

DMH: Here’s what I’ve picked out about this and even with myself: Right after we have a breakthrough (when we have a good thing happen like losing a few pounds) the integrity or promises to ourselves starts to dwindle; we go from 100% keeping our promises to 99%, then 98% and so on.

But it doesn't show up as a number, it shows up in what we say to ourselves, the excuses we make for no longer needing to keep the promises that made us have a breakthrough!

For me, I know sleep is a huge factor. How well I focus and what I get done the next day has a lot to do with how well I slept. But after I have a breakthrough, I can start to say: “Oh well, you know I can go to bed a little later…” I start to see I am breaking my promise to myself (to get enough sleep) again.

I am working on continuing on, even expecting breakdowns (like starting to lose sleep and becoming less productive) to happen; saying: “This is what is supposed to happen.” And then I can prepare for it.

C: The stress is maintaining the good things that have happened. I had started a second job, a night job, to make extra money, but I was so tired all the time I quit. I feel like I could have done the new job, but I didn’t have a plan of how I could do it and my full-time job. It’s not that I couldn't do it; I didn’t have a plan about how I would do it and I guess I wasn’t committed to doing it.

DMH: That’s a good one! That was said beautifully. That would make a good blog topic!

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