With most programs here at Empower HFS we like to finish things off with what we call a completion exercise. This allows you to move forward in what you're up to and provides you with a fresh perspective other than the one that we usually have when we "feel" something didn't go as well as we liked. A negative perspective of something can have a lasting impact on the future of that situation. Like people who constantly fail at losing weight and never learm from their failures. It only takes a few minutes and its so worth the time.

What is completion?

Completion is the opportunity to leave a situation whole and complete. Restoring and bringing integrity back to what is broken and unresolved. Completion is when there is nothing left to say or do. To be complete you have to be responsible for how things are and how they've gone. 

Said another way you must acknowledge where you had a hand in how things went. For example: Saying that you're not able to exercise because of not having enough time but still being able to stay up late to watch television is an opportunity for getting complete.

Take out a sheet a paper and  answer these questions as honestly as possible.

1. What are you incomplete with around your participation or your experience around participating fully?

2.What are you incomplete with around the results you have accomplished or failed to accomplish?

3. Is there anything about this or challenge that you're upset or disappointed about?

4. Do you have any resentments or regrets?

5. Are there any failures you haven't acknowledged or completed for yourself?

6.Do you have some accomplishment that didn't get acknowledged or shared?

Being complete begins with being committed to being complete. Continue to answer as honetsly as possible.

 1. What is it that your holding on to that keeps you from being complete? (Ex. Being right, not wanting to be responsible, blaming something else, etc.)

2. What is it that your not being responsible for? (Ex. Managing your time, planning, going to bed on time, making better choices etc.)

3. What haven't you acknowledged that needs to be acknowledged? (Ex. I wasn't committed, I cheated more than I should've, I didn't push myself, I didn't do everything I said I was going to do)

4. What do you need to give up? (Ex. The belief that I don't have time, Being righteous, Taking things on one foot it one foot out)

5. What can you forgive? (Forgiving in this case is giving up the right to make others or yourself wrong)

6. What can you take responsibility for? (Responsibility is not taking blame raher it's taking ownership of how things go.)

7. What can you acknowledge for yourself? 

8. What is an action that you can take to be complete? It can be a declaration, promise, giving something up, forgiving or taking responsibility for an incident.

This program is only a stepping stone for the future you are now living into. It does not stop here, it begins here.

What are you do see for yourself for the next three months that will be a triumph over the past?

What is the commitment that will have you fulfilling on that future?

In a year from now what will you have if honored your commitment?

This is what’s next for you.