Don't let the holidays excuse you into a deeper hole for the new year

Did this year fly by or what? 

There's just two months left and 2016 is over! As a trainer and coach I'd get all fired up when a client would throw in the towel the last two months of the year by missing workouts, not giving full effort in their training sessions and slacking on their eating plans. 

When I'd call them out on it, they'd always say that they plan to really commit hard and stick to the program come January...

...that the coming year was "their year". 

I never bought that lip service and always called them out on it. 

The way I looked at it was like this... 

You're going to slack on your diet and training and blame the holidays.

By doing that you're going to stack the odds against yourself by gaining fat, losing strength, energy and motivation and then you think you're going to magically commit and stick to a training program? 

That ain't happening, you're more likely to continue on the path of failure and get further out of shape. Does that sound familiar?

My best training clients were the ones who kept their fitness and nutrition their highest priority. They knew that if they could stick to their workouts and cleaning eating during the holiday months, they're go into the new year with greater motivation!

And it didn't mean that they didn't enjoy themselves during the holidays, they were just smart enough to capitalize on the opportunity the holidays creates by having more free time, easier access to the gym and me and the benefit of knowing that for the first time in their lives that they're not going to be another statistic.

And that was always the case. So this year you have the opportunity to play it different and have that results that you told yourself you'd have in 2016 maybe even by 2017!  

This Monday we're beginning a 30 Day Holiday Fitness Challenge with Thanksgiving already built into it and you'll finally get to have the best of both worlds. Enjoy the holidays and get in incredible shape! 

The best part about all this is that it's something I've never done in a large group and we're incorporating one of the most effective nutritition strategies out along with our awesome training program. 

You'll basically recieve the nutrition program and access to Empower's Rush Fitness Bootcamp for 30 days and be included in our 30 Day Holiday Fitness Challenge Group Chat to provide you with the support you'll need to stay committed. (I'll be honest this thing will be so simple you won't want to get off it.) We're looking for just 10 more people to join us in the program and it's first come first serve. The price of the program is just $69! (originally $129)

Remember this starts Monday so you don't have alot of time.  

If your interested give me a call at 786-429-0983 ext 101 and I'll give more details on the program and let you know how you can get started. Looking forward to hearing from you.


Daniel Martinez Hixson NASM CPT