5 Critical Things To Change When Trying Get In Better Shape

The thing that most people come to me for and ask the most questions about is mainly in regards to how they can lose more weight and get leaner. More than likely what most of my clients aren't normally present to is how much exercise they really need and what in their nutrition needs to be adjusted to get the scale moving in the right direction. Our clients recently got a chance to see how they measure up in the area of their fitness during our fitness testing challenge. Participants got to test their endurance, strength, stamina, and their body composition. The results were mixed and we all got to see the correlations between how much exercise you do and how it relates to our present results. Another more surprising thing was how our nutrition not only plays a role in how we look but also in our performance. Now what was really cool about it is that we got to distinguish some of the practices that were consistent with people who had a low body fat percentage and performed at a higher level versus those who were at a higher body fat and didn't perform as well. I'd like to share with you the 5 main practices that you could start incorporating today in this FREE downloadable hand out that will make difference in how you look and feel. The best part of it all is they're all pretty simple.