"Our results are a product of the beliefs we have about ourselves and about our lives. Consider that you have no clue who you are and what you are capable of."

Daniel Martinez Hixson, nasm fns, cpt


Daniel Martinez Hixson is the chief executive officer and chief program director of Empower Health and Fitness Systems, and has been working in the health and fitness field for over 10 years. Daniel is a certified sports conditioning specialist, fitness nutrition specialist and certified fitness professional through the National Academy of Sports Medicine and the National Council of Strength and Fitness. He has received several years of intensive training in leadership development and performance coaching. Daniel has developed and managed many programs for many South Florida businesses, educational institutions, and for private individuals some of which have been featured on NBC and the Miami Herald.

Daniel’s Story

“Ever since I was a kid I’ve always loved to be active. I always felt very athletic and would usually be one of the fastest or strongest kids in my classes. Unfortunately, I suffered from poor coordination and when it came to sports felt like a disappointment due to my lack of control and motor skills. Up until I turned 18 I felt as if sports were not for me and although I loved to play sports and be active I would rather avoid the embarrassment and just not participate. Soon after my 21st birthday I began working as a physical therapy assistant and started to become very related to the bodies remarkable capability to adapt to the specific demands imposed on it. I soon came to the realization that all my years of avoiding sports had prevented me from training my muscles and central nervous system to work together to create the neural patterns necessary to coordinate complex movements. It was like an “aha!” moment for me and from there I took on boxing as the sport that I would develop my skills and athleticism in. At that point I had also decided to get certified as a personal trainer to further my understanding of the body and how training relates to performance. On the first week of training at the boxing gym I signed up for I threw up three times and got my jaw dislocated by another amateur boxer who had at that point been casted into Oscar De La Hoyas boxing reality show on FOX. It really took something for me to not get defeated and to return after such beating. I learned a valuable lesson behind performance and producing results that stuck with me and stayed at the foundation of all the work that I do. For me I got that performance doesn’t exist in god given talent or the shoes you wear. Performance exists in the conversations and beliefs we have about our circumstances and ourselves. After returning and getting pummeled a couple times I began to notice that my attitude about my ability and myself started to shift. In that shift I also noticed that my performance began to improve at some points dramatically. After 6 months of extensive training and practice I got in the ring for my first amateur boxing match, which was held in front of 300 people. In my first fight I managed to knock out my opponent in the first round. What was even sweeter was that the guy who dislocated my jaw during that first week was the coach of the fighter I had competed against. From that day I got that anything we struggle with whether it be making healthy choices, losing weight, or running long distances can be directly related to a lack of skill and performance that can be managed with the right training and practice. I got that my commitment to achieving breakthrough results brought me fulfillment and satisfaction, and that sharing that passion and talent with others is what my life is all about. So here we are!”