Transform was created out of the frustrations and failures of the many who have tried it all and haven’t been able to make it work. We’ve looked at hundreds of diets and exercise programs, poured over countless research, and looked over case study after case study to distinguish what is it that works.  We've taken that information and created a comprehensive and life-altering program. Transform is taught in a laid back, interactive, and fun classroom format where participants will learn valuable principles and distinctions that push them to think beyond the normal context of weight loss and fitness. Sessions are once a week and are supplemented with a weekly coaching call with a Transform performance coach. Participants also team up and compete with other teams to see who can produce the best results by the end of the program. Participants will also learn about best practices in nutrition and exercise to help forward their results. Another huge advantage to Transform is all participants receive full access to all of Empower Health & Fitness’s exercise programs and events. Effective eating + fitness + motivation is your new recipe for success!


Transform FAQ

1.      What is Transform?

Transform is our group coaching program. Participants are coached by our weight loss performance expert on how to change vital behaviors, beliefs, environmental factors and nutrition. We make sure to cover all the things that are at the root of weight loss performance. Participants work with a team and compete on producing results, and every step of the way your coach will be there to keep you accountable, support you in your goals and push you to be extraordinary and empowered! 

2.       How does it work?

A session of Transform lasts 12 weeks. Participants meet every Saturday morning at 8 a.m. to weigh in and discuss successes and/or setbacks. During the first and second meeting the head coach goes over the program guidelines and each participant's goals are established. Participants are also given a workbook to fill out to keep them on track with their goals and milestones. There is a coaching call every Wednesday evening and a group chat where participants are asked to check in daily. 

3.       What do we discuss in the weekly meetings?

What worked, what didn't work, and why. Our coach gets to the root of the habits and thoughts that prevent you from reaching your goal. Once we identify what's blocking your path to success, we reframe ineffective thoughts and habits into positive, progressive ones.

4.       Are the weekly meetings mandatory?

Participants can miss up to 4 meetings, but meetings are otherwise mandatory for this program to be effective. We know that waking up early on a Saturday morning is a big commitment. We set it up this way so we know you're serious about reaching your goals.

5.       Do I get a meal and workout plan?

Our head coach will go over the calorie range and macros each participant should be hitting to reach their goal. We also establish nutritional guidelines, and participants are asked to workout at least 3 times a week. Participants have access to all classes at Empower Health & Fitness and are encouraged to attend as often as possible.   

6.       Who is Transform for?

Transform is for anyone who has ever felt lost or unmotivated while trying to lose weight. It is for anyone who has ever started a fat loss program and then eventually quit due to frustration or lack of progress. People who need extra accountability do very well in Transform. We're always checking on you and motivating you to stay on track. In short, Transform is for anyone who is interested in losing weight and mastering the lifestyle to keep it off. 

7.       Who is Transform NOT for?

Bodybuilders, fitness competitors and high-level athletes. If you have successfully lost weight and kept it off, chances are you are already very self-motivated :-).

8.       When is the next session of Transform?

Our next session begins May 21! If you're interested in signing up or getting more information, please fill out the form on this page or call us at 786-429-0983.

9.         How much does it cost?

$199/month for new members OR a one-time payment of $150 for current members.

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Calie R, Lost 6 lbs during the 14 Day Fat Furnace and 32 lbs after 90 days

Richard B, Lost 10 lbs during the 14 Day Fat Furnace and 31 lbs after 90 days.

Shiela S, Lost 7.5  lbs during the 14 Day Fat Furnace and 34 lbs after 90 days

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